Friday, August 7, 2009


Ageless Fantasy
Ageless Fantasy perfume makes wearers appear at least eight years younger, according to the manufacturers research I've yet to smell it (though I'm warned it's a sickly mix of mango, grapefruit, jasmine and musk) but I can report that, according to its manufacturers, research has shown men believe women who use it are at least eight years younger than they actually are. Once that information gets out, there will be a waiting list in minutes, whatever it smells like.
Price: , £215


The sweet smell of nostalgia

Women are gravitating toward fragrances that have a nostalgic feel, that have a bit more comfort. In unstable times, people go back to things that are more familiar. . And I'd love to get my hands the scents of my younger years to remind me of my carefree pre-adult days. So basically, she's suggesting we're all suddenly craving the perfumes that remind us of happy times or happy people.

Perfumes of Heaven Collection

The Perfumes of Heaven Collection are actual recreations of biblical fragrances worn in ancient times by wealthy kings and queens. - Seductive, It opens with rose, blended spices and frankincense. It mellows into a beguiling sweetness. - This fragrance is enjoyed by both men and women. An incredible balance of vetiver, bakhor, and golden sandalwood. Each Perfumes of Heaven Collection consists of a 2 ounce atomizer perfume and .25ml pure perfume oil.
price of $70.00

woman perfumes

The Best Smelling Women’s Perfume of All Time

The tastes for women’s Perfume are different for everyone. Some like a

strong perfume but many like a subtle one. I have tried and tested

hundreds different Women Perfume for all time. Generically speaking,

younger women are drawn to fruitier perfumes.When choosing a best

smelling perfume, presentation matters as much as the fragrance

Flower perfumez are very popular specially in women.women use flower made perfumes to give a sensationationing feel and fragrance from them.Flowers are the contemporary frangrence for the women in modern country who seems to get the nature beauty.


clime is worderful perfumes and best fragarment for man .
we use it daily.


Cool Water Perfume by DAVIDOFF for Women YEAR INTRODUCED 1996 FRAGRANCE.
NOTES citrus,pineapple,and woody notes,blended with the scent of ocean air.

PRICE : 60.59

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

men perfumes


Set male classical charm with modern elegance in one of the Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme, the new men’s fashion Gucci logo. A mixture of tobacco, a touch of sweet incense into the gentle heat a strong yet resilient. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme bottle of exquisite design, smooth the appearance of impenetrable mosaic horse has a unique character title Gucci chain, he can not help but recall a classic Gucci tradition and rich fragrance, enthusiasm.



Blue Seduction for men by Antonio Banderas has notes of mint, bergamot, oak moss, woods, cassis, nutmeg, melon, cardamom, musk, apple, and cappuccino.

PRICE :10,000$


Calvin Klein man perfumes is very important for man . Its amazing fragras. This is only for man its colore is active to man .This is best choose of man.It is not very expeness.It keep beautiful smell

Femme rochas perfums keep good fragent.Femme Rochas Is Classified As A Refined, Woody, Mossy Fragrance. This Feminine Scent Possesses A Blend Of Plum And Peach, Blended With Light Florals And Musk. It Is Recommended For Evening Wear.

Price : 23.06$


Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Spray

This Juicy Couture perfume wins hands down for its sheer fragrant exotica.
Every man used this parfum.It keep special fragrant.this is a must have for
every man who wants to make a fashionable statement.
price : 64.99$

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